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A ‘90s Favorite Returns for Spring/Summer 2019 with a Modern Twist

Twenty years ago, Levi’s® introduced Levi’s® Engineered Jeans™, an innovative approach to denim that used twisted side seams and a darted yoke to create a more ergonomic fit. The idea was that, by taking a forward-thinking approach to design, both comfort and freedom of movement could be maximized. When they launched in 1999, Levi’s® Engineered Jeans™ were a massive success—popular not only for the way they fit, but also for their progressive style—and they’ve been something of a legend for Levi’s® ever since. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of these iconic jeans, Levi’s® Engineered Jeans™ are coming back with a special edition re-issue for Spring/Summer 2019 with a modern twist.

“Engineered is the principle that is the foundation of both of these releases. We’re taking the concept of Levi’s® Engineered Jeans™ and experimenting with 3D knitting to see what it could be like to make the jeans of the future.”—Jonathan Cheung, Senior Vice President, Global Design at Levi’s®.

Levi’s® Engineered Jeans™

For the 2019 edition, Levi’s® Engineered Jeans™ are all about style, and will come in the popular, more contemporary fits such as the 502™ Regular Taper and 512™ Slim Taper fits for men’s and a fashion forward Loose Jean, Slouchy Taper and Reissue Trucker Jacket for women’s. As an added bonus, they’ll feature that hidden yet oh-so-comfortable four-way stretch. These fits allow for a vintage vibe while maintaining a more modern silhouette. And, inspired by the original garment details, the reissue will feature a red two-horse back patch, inner pockets printed with the Levi’s® Engineered Jeans™ logo, and a Levi’s® Engineered Jeans™ printed hanger loop. It’s everything that made the 1999 version so popular, but updated with a contemporary style.


These releases are a celebration of Levi’s® innovation past and present. And they offer a glimpse of what the future of denim can be.

The Levi’s® Engineered Jeans collection will be available from 19 February 2019 across all Levi’s stores, with prices ranging from $139.90 to $169.90.