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Limited Edition Celebration Product for the 145th Birthday of the Blue Jean




On May 20th, the Levi’s® 501® jean, the original button fly jean, will celebrate its 145th birthday. We like to call this ‘501® Day’ and to mark this occasion, we’ve created special 501® capsules to celebrate the iconic style. The celebratory product includes limited-edition 501® jeans with pops of gold and colorful buttons. 145 years is no small birthday, so this year our motto is go big or go home! Tops feature fun archival graphics and cartoon prints “Button Your Fly!” loudly emblazoned across the chest in retro throwback colors, celebrating our invention of the button fly jean.

“Wow, 145 years. I feel like we have to say that number and pause to reflect on it a little bit. There are very few products in the history of our human species, certainly in clothing, that have anything like that type of duration. Looking at it through an anthropological lens, the 501® is something that I’m completely in awe of. I don’t think there’s been anything as well-used and tested in the history of our species—such a culturally engaged piece of clothing. It’s pretty incredible,” says Jonathan Cheung, Levi’s® Head of Design.


Make the Button Fly, Fly again!

How about adding a pop of color to your fly? For the first time ever, in honor of this 145th milestone, we’re now offering fans colored buttons on the 501®, and the 501® cut off short.


Throwback Graphic Tops

And if jeans are not enough for your appetite for all things denim, a selection of ‘Button Your Fly’ logo t-shirts and boyfriend tank tops will also be available so you too can celebrate Levi’s® 501® Day in a full look.


Happy 145th birthday to the original blue jean!