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Aldo’s unique Influencer Campaign speaks from the heart – rallying the global #AldoCrew community through its engaging and endearing LOVE concept

As an international leader in fashion footwear and accessories, Aldo reveals a fresh and powerful creative direction for its fall 2017 campaign. Tapping into the notion of community in the digital space, the campaign brings together the #AldoCrew – from shoppers to celebrities, A-listers to influencers, all while celebrating individuality and love for personal style. Aldo’s new integrated global campaign will go live across all marketing touch-points including advertising, print, in-store, out-of-home and social media programs as of July 27th, 2017.

The brand’s campaign contextualizes footwear and accessories as essential mediums for women and men to boldly pursue their passions and style with a “I ❤ …” concept personified by the talent – a
diverse group of social influencers. Written with a touch of humor and wit that is unique to the Aldo brand, every “I ❤ …” claim is personal and relatable. Bringing this vision to life, Aldo worked with renowned creative director, Donald Schneider, supported by stylist, Claudia Hofmann, and fashion photographer, Frederike Helwig.

“Given our global reach, we wanted our campaign to be inviting and inspiring to the people who shop in our stores, through the app or online. It’s fundamental to create individual experiences which then generate a collective dialogue”, explains Daianara Grullon Amalfitano, Senior Vice President for Aldo. “Through this fun and playful LOVE concept, we are able to create that sense of connection and personalization with our #AldoCrew. We want this to be an inclusive community that goes beyond fashion. It is not just about products, but about the individual and how they contextualize and express fashion in their life.”

To execute the campaign, Aldo collaborated with influencers that share the brand’s mindset and spirit. Using a line-up of diverse young women and men – including DJs, artists, singers, actors and models – this #AldoCrew is made up of influencers that resonate with Aldo fans. “We sought out a cast of real people with a story to tell, inspiring style and depth”, mentions Donald Schneider. “This allowed us to go above and beyond simply showcasing set looks with given products, but head-to-toe looks that feel singular, relatable and aspirational to the Aldo community. This campaign is a celebration of how great style can embolden action, inspiring one to live their biggest, boldest, fiercest life”.

Aldo is taking a consumer-first approach to its campaign, which also translates across all areas of the business; social media and digital connectivity being top priorities. The brand has heavily invested towards conducting yearly consumer insight research. This has allowed the global team to clearly identify who their key audience is in order to better cater to them while consistently adapting their strategy to meet their needs. The Aldo community is at the heart of the brand direction – from recently launching a new website experience with user-generated content to a mobile app with real-time, in- store connectivity, Aldo strives to captivate its worldwide community throughout its shopping journey.

The Fall 2017 campaign features influencers and models Joanna Halpin (@joannahalpin), Irina Sharipova (@irinasharipova), Markel Williams (@markelwilliams), Jay Alvarrez (@jayalvarrez), Daviid Chima (@daviid8bs), Alex Ghantous (@alexghantous) and Jessey Stevens (@jaysteevie), DJ and influencer; Chelsea Dleah (@djmillie), radio host, singer and actress; Ali Simpson (@allisimpson),

fashion and travel blogger; Lindsay Marcella (@lindsaymarcella) as well as actress and model; Imogen Waterhouse (@immywaterhouse).
Whether shopping in one of Aldo’s stores, browsing through the brand’s new website or interactive app, or engaging on social media – consumers worldwide will be able to connect and immerse with the brand in a way that is most relevant to them. The campaign launch will be supported by an integrated worldwide marketing campaign across a variety of channels including digital, print, out-of-home and social media #AldoCrew extensions.